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The function principles of dry shaping granules are same to the above mentioned. It only needs to change special screens and mixing blades. The granules are characterized by equality, little fine powder and fine fluidness. It takes the mixing blade as stator and the screen as impeller in wet shaping granules. The centrifugal force produces while the screen is rotating at a high speed to extrude the small granules out from the inferior screen holes. While it can keep the smaller granules from being damaged by the outside force into fine, the bigger ones move onto the top of screens and are extruded out from the screen holes after being shaped into sma, Il granules, in fine shaping effects, featuring little fine powder, loose construction and ease of dry.


Supper-shape mini granule maker Techniacl Parameters (Remain the right of alternation)

Model LZ-270
Production capacity(kg/h) 200-400
Screen(diameter) f1-f8
Motor(kw) 2.2kw
Speed scope 80-1900
Granularity(nesh hole) 60-2
Over dimension(mm) 1100×360×1200

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